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Auto Tone, Auto Contrast, Auto Color. Reduce Noise: fade reduce noise, add uniform noise.  Smart Sharpen: smartly fade sharpen. Super Smudge: lighten, darken, go for opacity. Air Brush Mixer: Protect TEXTURE... Diffuse, Despeckle, Duplicate & Paint Daub it. Spot Healing Brush: replace the spot!

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Ive worked hard at Photoshop to cause myself the Fred Flintstone, Gomer Pyle, ‘Scooby Do or ARCHIE cartoon female character look: ‘Quick Extraction for fifty-five (55) hours during 2014 and (already) another fifteen (15) hours for 2015!

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One of my renderings is reminiscent to a funeral parlor advertisement. But I dont consider every masterpieceon this page to be a big blooper: the hope is for other persons to think as kindly about my artistic efforts because...


Adobe Fireworks, Illustrator or not just Photoshop alone: Adobe CS5’ software is pure genius; my finesse is still near nether (FEATHER) but Im learning new techniques each day. Please note this page for the latest (greatest?!) “TA DA”.


I dont have timenor inclinationto touch up every bad photograph or video: regardless of my skill development. Some of my images (and videos) didnt start out bad but after abuse by web devels who could be paid $75 per hour to do editing... By malicious (fraudulent) intent, they put themselves out of business.


Most of the media and imaging on Tburst/FYT4-Ever proves Im dedicated to beautiful, despite any low quality video and photography work for which Ive (regretfully) paid thousands of dollars.  PhotoshopIllustrator & Fireworksisnt just about learning the software: the physical skills (abilities) required to operate Adobe CS5 applications...



1. Strong/steady (no shaking) hands: flexible/agile (excellent) muscle/joint endurance which can only be achieved from consistently proper exercise and eating habits to sustain optimal blood circulation resulting ambidextrous brained wrists & fingers.


2. Superior close range vision or corrected vision near 20/20: without light/dark or color blind distraction.


3. Excellent self-control: will-powered determination to detailed tasking; the ability to concentratefocuson a rendering task until culmination...  The point: [is] fantastic physical fitness because the list can go on and on!


[Many persons complain web develing (photoshopping, fireworking, etc.) causes disabling leg (tibia/fibula or calf’) cramping and swelling (akin to thrombosis or thrombitis), along with severe head aching blurry vision feverish wrist/elbow and finger joint pain! (One web devel swore it was causing him to go blind: “Oh, uh uhn...”) 


To work at the computer for extensive periods of time, a person must consistently maintain ample blood circulation; the result of damaging (head aching blurry vision fevered wrist/elbow and finger joint pain) painful leg cramping starts with chronic improper eating habits and poor (such as long distancelong termpeddle biking) or no anatomically correct exercise at all...


Intense computer work can be the additional aggravation that instigates dysfunctional personson the brinkto spasm into an abyss: like one stress too many at the point of no return (s) or too many frequent flyer miles near the edge of disability.]

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