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Wednesday January 27th  2016, sometime between 6 AM—Noon: my front door deadbolt lock was changed to lock me out; my professional/personal property—estimated value exceeding [one hundred thousand dollars] $100,000—was inside my home, 9229 Regents Road L222; La Jolla CA 92037.


The USPS delivery mailbox lock for L222 at Regents La Jolla was also [another felony] changed January 27th 2016 to lock me out or to steal my mail addressed to me at my residence: February 8th 2016, I submitted a change of address form to the USPS Golden Triangle office requesting any mail to my residence—addressed to me—be forwarded to my USPS postal box address, Twilah Yvonne Freberg, PO Box 12765; La Jolla CA 92039-2765.


My [dedicated to fitness pages] website name is still listed on the front security gate intercom, FYTFOREVER L222: as of yesterday (February 9th 2016) it rings to my telephone number (s) 858 452 7990/858 230 6717. My business telephone numbers are remote forwarded—per my request—from TWC to my cell phone 858 455 0559.


There has been NO Regents La Jolla HOA/CON AM Corporation complaint filed in a court or elsewhere against me: this lock-out CRIME is not an ‘eviction’...


This crime is felony false pretense forced entry to attempt murder and/or murder of identity, grand theft larceny, assault of battery (abduction), illegal search and seizure... Felony ‘Trespass To Chattels’.


[I] Twilah Yvonne Freberg paid $1708 [real money US, per the lease agreement] plus electric/cable for January 2016 rent and $1708 February 2016 rent plus electric/cable: the 01-02/2016 rent money I’ve already paid was not refused nor refunded by ‘Regents La Jolla’.


Every rent payment owed since the time of the original lease agreement, June 2012, was paid in full by me and there has been no dispute to the contrary. [An October 2015 rent refund to my checking account was only just issued and received by me during the last week of January 2016: reference paragraph 33, ‘XXXIII’.]     


[9505 5113 2501 6040 4055 21 USPS Priority tracking number] I  mailed my necessary proof of residence information—with a copy of my current bank record which shows the rent payments totally $3416 for January/February 2016 Regents La Jolla rent—to the [“SDPD”] San Diego Police Department ‘Headquarters’  yesterday.


During November 2015, I sent the SDPD [to both Northern Division and Headquarters] a registered [USPS mail] copy of the legal brief [complaint] answer I filed [November 23rd  2015] at the Central location of the ‘San Diego Superior Court’ [no longer operated by/for the State of CA?!] after someone posted a notice on my front door [the day before] about an alleged complaint summons to court by a defunct as of 2007 [non-existent] ‘Regents La Jolla Commonwealth LP’.  According to a telephone recorded message left on my home answering machine, a ‘Ben Kelso’ declared he was an SDPD internal affairs investigator and said he had received my legal briefing. 


The case number assigned to the otherwise blank ‘Unlawful Detainer’—what the attackers have repetitively done to me: the persons posting such illegal [illegal or criminal in accordance to US Federal Law and CA State Law] notices on doors and/or criminally demanding possession of property and identity that does not belong to them are the unlawful detainers—form was the first number that would have been assigned to a real case, if another case had been filed directly after an unrelated  fake case was filed...


With other words: the alleged case 37-2015-00038726 was not filed in court on November 18th 2015; it was posted to my front door only—never mailed—November 22nd 2015.


The form declared the non-existent complaint was supposedly “filed electronically” in Civil Limited—no legal authority or no jurisdiction—division: but electronically filed means an online record would/should have been almost immediate, if it had been filed electronically; there was no online record of it being filed at all until I filed an answer November 23rd 2015 at the Central location of the San Diego Superior Court. 


The summons posted onto my front door November 22nd 2015 was an entirely fraudulent document allegedly from a false pretense felony [serial] stalker, a hideous woman (civil retard alias), ‘Patricia H. Tirey’ (also) aka ‘Coyne’, who has pursued this same CRIME at every one of my rental residences since 2004.


Real CA State Judges—Vargas, Barton, Pro Temp Pollock—have agreed ‘Dismissed With Prejudice’, ‘Res Judicata’... 2009, 2010, 2012. Those court orders did not and have not stopped this constant assault. One Whitney said: “Pay Mr. Winter $500...” On behalf of a non-existent plaintiff’s demand for an attorney fee?! Mr. Winter is also not a legal name for purposes of payment.   


Impossible: illegal! Small claims court plaintiffs are not allowed [an attorney] legal council to represent themselves [not even if they are determined as mental incompetents]. Small claims court is not allowed to decide possession of real estate property: every case for possession is FAKE.


Small claims court judges, clerks, supposed attorneys—Civil Limited [“CL”] does not have the legal authority to decide cases of property value in access of (ten thousand) $10,000 or is not legally allowed to decide other property and payment/debt issues exceeding ($10, 000) ten thousand dollars US—cannot legally decide [give] possession of real estate or other property. 


Clerks Of Court [Federal/State/County] are NOT ALLOWED to decide possession of anything by default [there is no such thing as a “default judgement” that is not a crime] and otherwise, it is only criminal for a clerk to decide or assign possession of any abandoned property valued at more than [two hundred dollars] $200.00


Abandonment IS NOT locking a victim out of his/her home and then enlisting others to assist with the threat of felony assault of battery (abduction), attempting murder and/or murder of identity by then stealing legal identification documents from a victim’s purse/wallet to attempt forcing a victim into total civil despair: when or if the victim attempts to regain the stolen property from the thieves who are only accomplices to the thieves who have stolen the property...


SDPD, SD Sherriff’s Department: an army of criminal vagrants “court clerks” “community managers” are only the foot soldiers of this evil civil confusion; the local and county “authorities” organize criminal vagrants [ISIS or not] to pretend “eviction” to alibi physical confrontation as a method of perpetuating the “law enforcers” ability to batter [abduct] a victim or to maliciously accuse the victim of assault—to alibi stolen money as for legal fees—if the victim defends his/herself against them or their army of criminal vagrants or “Mexican work crews”.


Confiscation: based upon what legal complaint? My not being the same bovine-brained civilly retarded worm-like species is invalid as argument. I’m not a Ms. Piggy either... I don’t pull the wings off flies; I do not kick dogs or beat horses: beings that are not being the same as me are appreciated for their individuality unless those beings are criminally insane.  


The US Marshall’s and/or USDOJ has tolerated this mass civil insanity to justify the illegal seizure—without any notice—of a victim’s property: not only to transfer blame for the grand theft larceny to local/county law enforcement or their army of criminal vagrants but as an alibi for why the “eviction” STOLEN property cannot be found or will not be returned... And to instigate [incite violence] by bolstering false hope for murder and/or murder of a victim’s identity to cause greater opportunity for illegally seizing bank accounts and self-employment or other business endeavor.


My professional physical fitness assessment [what my education merit allows]: the USDOJ/US Marshall’s have tolerated these fake eviction crimes due to overall [lame] weakness of physical (intellectual: mental) character.



All legal forms and/or briefing documents must have a complete and full legal—legally identifiable—name both printed and signed [in full] for due process [legally proceeding] court filing or the document (s) is FAKE [criminal]. 


Documents with just an initial or initials [such as] ‘M. Cy’ or ‘M. Bane’ can only be considered [by law] to be a declaration of [criminal] fraud from or for a criminal [alias/alibi] personage/entity.    


I DID NOT REQUEST A TRIAL FOR THE NON-EXISTENT COMMONWEALTH LP case to be heard—limited partnerships cannot file cases for eviction: an LP cannot legally pursue real estate property management issues—but I did file an answer November 23rd 2015 to an illegal [not issued by a judge nor clerk court form] summons posted on my front door November 22nd 2015.


The alleged commonwealth summons 37-2015-00038726 was posted only to my front door, L222, November 22nd 2015: it was not recorded as filed at/in court on November 18th 2015; a grossly atrophied Caucasian male felony false pretense serial stalker pounded on my front door November 22nd 2015 (a Sunday morning) to attract the attention of the criminal vagrant “neighbors”. There was no online record of any such complaint filed at any court until I filed an answer November 23rd 2015.


I appeared at the Central Division of the San Diego Superior Court on November 23rd 2015 to pay the extortion ‘answer’ fee [criminal extortion: the explanation for the fee is... If the court’s civil business office did not demand an “answer” fee of $225 be paid to file an answer, criminals would file answers without the victims even knowing] of $225.00 to explain any complaint about my being the lawful tenant of Regents La Jolla L222 or any request for possession of L222 must be directed to the LEASOR, CON AM Corporation [Regents La Jolla HOA] and not to me, Twilah Yvonne Freberg, the lawful tenant of Regents La Jolla,  L222.  


 I attended a small claims court ‘hearing’ December 29th 2015 at [the same location where I filed an answer] San Diego Superior Court, Central [downtown San Diego on Broadway] location: ‘Gary Krepp’ (spell check?) acted as the vengeful judge and he refused to issue a court minute order; he said “You can read about the decision online in a couple of weeks.”


A few weeks later, I received a mimic of a court minute order—a court minute order from a judge must be issued at the close of the hearing while all parties to the action are present; any mailed or otherwise provided copy of a minute order must be clearly labeled as a copy and it must show a legal signature and name for the judge who ordered it and a legal name for the clerk who attended the order: otherwise, it is a fraudulent document—without a judge’s name printed or signed and without a legally identifiable clerk’s name or signature. It said: “restitution”. 


[Every civil violation is a crime: private citizens are not allowed to accuse other citizens of a crime and then pursue litigation against the accused citizens based only upon the accusing citizen’s criminally defamatory [malicious] accusations; justice cannot be served within Civil Limited or even Civil Unlimited Court, unless the argument is totally devoid of criminal motive.]

Link to TYF brief court filed November 2015

[TYF December 29th 2015 Court Briefing]


Flash forward...

I went into the Regents La Jolla leasing office 9253 Regents Road, La Jolla CA 92037 February 8th 2016: two persons claiming employment for Con Am—without any legal documentation or proof—demanded I trust them: they refused to allow me to access my L222 rental home—and to make arrangements with them to allow them to enter L222 with me and movers to remove my property they say [without proof] is still inside L222.


They [persons with no legal identification or proof of employment] said eviction... According to a much fatter, darker haired female [alias] Krista Blanscet than the Krista Blanscet who appeared before the small claims court December 29th 2015: “Just tell your bank what happened and they’ll refund all the rent money you’ve paid...” The persons loitering the Regents La Jolla leasing office would thrill for a chance to incite an all male “Mexican work crew” to mutilation: criminal use of electric saws or other work related tools to attack a victim. The SDPD is aware of that kind of La Jolla area assault. 


[That or another Krista Blanscet was issued a restraining order by the SD Sherriff’s—not a typo: intentionally misspelled on the documents allegedly from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department—Department December 29th 2015 at the end of the small claims trial for 37-2015-00038726. She had no proof of employment and no legal identification as a Krista Blanscet; the pretentious attorney [not really an attorney] representing her was the horrible serial stalker, alias Patricia H. Tirey. San Diego County Tax Assessor records were provided to the court: Regents La Jolla Commonwealth LP (or LLC) ceased any business endeavor for/with Regents La Jolla as of 2007].   


A [alias] Krista Blanscet sent an electronic mail to me at tyfx* yesterday (02/09/2016), saying she was employed with Con Am as a ‘community manager’ and she was going to keep my [stolen] property to sell at an auction if I did not retrieve it from her within 15 days after January 27th 2016?!


She doesn’t have any legal access to my property or is a psychotic liar plotting an even more criminal act: an additional correspondence from her [by electronic mail] yesterday then said she only wanted to remove [STEAL] my personal—not my professional property necessary for my employment: self-employment property cannot be legally confiscated by eviction or any other reason—belongings from L222.


I responded by declaring the law: Con Am/Regents La Jolla HOA accepted January/February 2016 rent from me, $3416 [plus my unit’s share of the electric billing from SDGE] and except for me, no one has the right to enter L222 or remove any of my property [if it is still inside L222]. But [alias] Krista Blanscet and [a third] a Marcela Cy have been told they will be assisted with physically assaulting (attacking me by battery) me in order to attempt the theft of at least $700 cash as “storage” money decided as owed by “landlord” or no legally identifiable person/entity.  



After being told by SDPD ‘Carissa’ [858 484 3154:  nearly an hour of intermittent listening to a recording while waiting to speak to a dispatch officer] late night 02/08/2016...]


The criminal trespassers occupying the Regents La Jolla Leasing Office were told by persons claiming employment with the SDPD or SD Sherriff’s Department: the criminal vagrants would be assisted with the battery (abduction and/or murder) of my personage if I allowed such opportunity by tolerating their accompanying me to recover my property from L222.    


SDPD ‘Carissa’ said: SDPD patrol officers would escort me to Regents La Jolla to investigate whether or not my professional/personal property was still inside L222—to find out if my home at/in L222 had been totally looted or not—and to go [first] to the SDPD [Eastgate Mall La Jolla/San Diego] Northern Division location.


Yesterday, February 9th 2016, I went to the SDPD station located less than 1/4th mile away from the Regents La Jolla residential property: the male front desk clerk officer refused to assign a crime report number but did acknowledge he was aware of the situation.


The male SDPD front desk clerk at the Northern Division location referenced an electronic mail communication he had sent to me after reading my electronic mail communication complaint (s) sent to the SDPD [;].


“She was wrong. Twilah, I told you this is a civil matter... An eviction.” On behalf of the SDPD—who has apparently decided this CRIME is “eviction” for [psychotic] criminally insane motives: the SDPD desk clerk [dressed in an officer’s uniform] told me to call the San Diego Sherriff’s Department, 760 940 2898/619 544 6401—otherwise, get lost: the SDPD male desk clerk’s response to my complaint is/was not just unprofessional, it is criminal or civilly retarded.    


Yesterday, I telephoned the San Diego Sherriff’s Department: ‘Kathy’ said “We processed this as an eviction...” BUT THE COURT DID NOT: “restitution” does not mean “eviction” and ‘eviction’ DOES NOT mean criminally insane psychotic career criminals [insurgency] can break/enter a home to loot and occupy illegally. it meant my October 2015 rent of $1708 [plus a fraudulent water bill of $36] was refunded to my bank account and that was the end.


Rent of [two month total: three thousand four hundred and sixteen dollars US] $3416 was accepted [not refused: not refunded or accepted without complaint] for November/December 2015, rent was accepted for January/February 2016 [two month’s total] $3416: month by month payments of $1708 for each month with memo “L222... paid in full” was accepted without complaint by Regents La Jolla.  


The January/February 2016 rent $3416 [$1708 each month] I’ve paid for  9229 Regents Road L222, La Jolla CA 92037 has not been refunded, not been refused... I’ve paid the electric bill [I actually have a small SDGE credit owed to me]. Not an eviction: this evil situation is a lock-out crime. Is Con Am/Regents La Jolla HOA responsible too—also—or anyway?!


Yes: sure! Despite the fact that after nearly two weeks of trying to locate a responsible [rational] Con Am manager or even just an actual Con Am employee?! Con Am is required by law to only have the CA SOS registered agent of process for Con Am communicate to me about a lease/rent paid issue or eviction/evacuation issue; the CA SOS registered agent of process for Con Am is limited to communication sent via USPS mail or not by stalking my front door.   


I went to the physical location of Con Am Corporation, 3990 Ruffin Road, San Diego CA 92123-9561, January 28, 2016: not one Con Am manager was available to speak with me regarding the incident and no information has been sent via Con Am—required by law for legal processing: Con Am must have a registered at the CA SOS agent of process—registered agent of process. 


I called the telephone number I knew was for the Con Am onsite maintenance: some other [strange] man answered the Con Am maintenance man’s telephone number and to say “I don’t know... I’m new.”      


During the immediate days following the January 27th 2016 lock out CRIME: I spent hours telephoning/writing electronic mails/printing supportive documents to regain my home and/or to even just find out if my property were still inside L222 before trying to hire movers for removing my property from L222 and to be [then] put into storage until I could find another home or residential opportunity.


One person of Hispanic sounding heritage telephoned from Regents La Jolla HOA telephone number 858 622 7849 saying her name was Marcela Cy [but not the same one I’ve spoken to during the past: not the same bleached blonde a Marcela Cy who was occupying the Con Am/Regents La Jolla HOA leasing office on February 8th 2016]: she was psychotic and/or irrationally hostile with “eviction” demands.  


I have NOT—DID NOT—abandon my [reasonably estimated one hundred thousand dollar’s worth] $100,000 professional/personal property—for the most part totally necessary for me to continue at my current self-employment—or the L222 unit itself. The local/state/federal law enforcement has deliberately [maliciously] failed to properly [legally] address my complaint and instead?! It’s not a personal issue: all victims or any potential victims—meaning any/all persons—are addressed as abruptly by gross inconsideration or malicious disregard. It’s not like any of them are “happy campers”.   


To conclude:

During February 2009: I filed a complaint about these fake evictions at the US Federal District Court, Southern CA [downtown San Diego].


Twilah Yvonne Freberg vs. The State of California with exhibits 09CV0222-DMS/AJB: the total court filing was 365-375 pages; I requested a permanent injunction be issued by three US Federal Court Judges against the State of CA/CA Court (s) to prevent the illegal forms or “prejudgment writ” documents from being available on the Internet because the court forms are online to perpetuate [aid/abet] the criminal assault, ‘Unlawful Detainer’ and worse.


I had to write/prepare/print/post [USPS Express Mail Overnight] one copy to the US Secretary Of The Senate: a copy to the US Clerk Of The House Of Representatives... Two copies to the CA State Attorney’s Office, a copy to the CA Governor’s Office and then deliver [in persona] five copies to the US Federal District Court, Southern CA [downtown San Diego CA].


I was told [illegally] by one judge, Dana M. Sabraw, the case was dismissed without prejudice because as a private citizen, I was not allowed to pursue litigation against criminals or crime. Otherwise, my efforts were not appreciated. 


My complaint could not be dismissed by one judge: I sent Federal Judge Sabraw’s court order or summons for the State of CA to appear before the US Federal Court, Southern CA to the CA State Attorney’s office.


The USDOJ San Diego office—the acting US District Attorney—should have filed the exact same complaint: if a responsible [able-bodied] citizen of the US or other allied person fails to file complaint about direct US Constitutional violations—depending upon the circumstances—the punishment can result execution by US Federal armed forces.


This is a very stressful and difficult situation for me to be forced to suffer: my fitness [health] is excellent... I have not caused myself a loss of esteem, ability and/or intellect, despite the vast amount of unwarranted and irrational [hateful] hostility directed at my personage.


The people responsible for trying to force public humiliation and ridicule against me for the reason of inciting more overt civil violence are RETARDED: they’re missing the part of the brain necessary to be reasonable or decent persons; they cannot realize anything better to do, so they chronically attempt—by alias and alibi—the destruction of myself as a noticeable [successful] woman and by destroying my stable home (s).


There is no immediate remedy promised... When or if I will be able to re-establish a stable private residence here at USA to continue my appointment setting/meeting or session time scheduling is unknown at this time. My efforts to regain or even locate my stolen property are being maliciously thwarted or ignored.  


February 16, 2016: current proof of residency was sent [bank records showing timely uninterrupted rent payments paid by me and accepted by Regents La Jolla each month "in full $1708 L222"--not refunded--to fullfill the agreement of $1708 per month] and notice to ConAm Management Corporation, Agent 'CSC' [via email and USPS registered mail] that I will NO longer be responsible for any additional month's rent or utlity for 9229 Regents Road L222, La Jolla CA 92037 [beyond what's already been paid as valid until March 01, 2016].


The February 01, 2016 until March 01, 2016 payment I issued on January 23, 2016 paid to 'Regents La Jolla, L222' on January 28, 2016 [K2XS0LIRW] and it was not refused nor refunded. Copies of rent, electric bill payment, insurance, cable payment receipts sent to ConAm Management Corporation's CA SOS 'Registered Agent of Process', CSC, entity C1132792/C1544085. 'Corporations Service Company': 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive #150 N, Sacramento CA 95833. USPS Priority Tracking: 9405511899563197553601.


[The exact same information was sent to the FBI, San Diego Field Office: USPS Priority Tracking 9405511899563197551706. Due to the San Diego Police Department's and the San Diego Sheriff's Department's total failure to process [officially record by case assignment number] this crime report and/or worse as the aggressors of this lock-out crime... Grand theft larceny, threats of assault of battery [abduction], felony false pretense forced entry, malicious fraud, criminal defamation: the FBI/US Marshall's are the higher up bullies on the block...]


Twilah Yvonne Freberg: 858 452 7990



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